Sunday, July 29, 2012

Learning the Language

I'm learning a new language. Unfortunately, no amount of Rosetta Stone can help me.

I'm taking lessons though. I was automatically enrolled in " Crying 101: Say WHAT?! What that cry really means". The instructor has only been teaching for 7 weeks, so he offered to give me free lessons in exchange for unlimited diaper changes. (I'm not sure who got the better end - no pun intended - of the deal on that one.) Plus...I hear he grades on a curve.

My understanding, after reading the course outline, is that each cry has a distinct meaning. From what I can tell so far, based on real life experience, they all mean one thing... "Do SOMETHING Mom!"

Let's hope Caleb doesn't ruin the class curve.

Luckily for me, I have stumbled upon some cliff notes that should get me through this class with at least a passing grade. Through my studying I have noticed a direct correlation between a certain someone's facial expressions and what is really going on in that perfect little head of his.

Allow me to demonstrate.

I have included some images below of said facial expressions from a recent outing to the doctor's office. For those of you not enrolled in a similar class, I have added the translation below the image.

What  a exciting day! Mom and I have ventured out of the house to meet some very important people.
Mom says she can't wait to show me off to everyone since I'm such a cutie! 
Wow, this trip is turning into an adventure.  I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.
Good thing there will be plenty of lollipops when we're done. I have a feeling I'll like the lemon flavor the best.
What? No lollipops? Some doctor's office this is.
 How about a few extra hugs and kisses when we get home and we'll call it even, k?
See how easy that is? I am one step closer to becoming bilingual.

And would you believe I wrote most of this blog in my head while rocking a crying baby to sleep "practicing" this new language?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Capturing the Moment

Since Remy has come into our lives, I have made a conscious effort to capture all of the special moments.

Some moments I'm lucky enough to get on camera. 

Like Remy's first bath.

Nap Time.

Test driving Daddy's shoulders.

But some happen so quickly that I can only take a mental picture and file them away. Like how his toes curl when he stretches, or that sweet little smile right before he falls asleep.

Nine days after Remy came into the world, we packed up an arsenal of supplies (because we're first time parents and that's what we do) and headed out. We were meeting up with Amanda from Amanda McNeal Photography to capture some extra special moments.

Time to get back to capturing more moments.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Month

Time flies....when you're in love (and slightly sleep deprived).

Where has the time gone? Yesterday our little guy was 1 month old. That's 4 whole weeks. Will somebody please press pause!? I need more time to enjoy my baby as a baby.

To keep track of our little guy's growth, we'll be taking pictures of him each month in the same chair. Below are his first four weeks. (No, that's not an optical illusion you're seeing between the first and fourth week. And we aren't using a stunt baby. That's our growing boy!)

I can't imagine that he could get any cuter or sweeter, but from what I hear, it only gets better. Well lookout..'cause if it gets any better, my heart may just burst.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Little Perfect

Please excuse the blog silence the past couple of weeks.

We've been a little busy snuggling...

kissing chubby cheeks...

and having staring contests...

Staring Contest Results: Caleb 0 - Remy 1

I had every intention of posting last week, but found that all I wanted to do was sit around and wait for Remy to smile. Can't. Get. Enough. (I also can't seem to catch it on camera. It's like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.)

We made our first two outings to the pediatrician so she could tell us how perfect he was. Of course we already knew that, but it's nice when someone with credentials realizes it as well. Like any normal new parents, we captured his visit in less than 1000 photos. (We're making progress.)

It was a successful visit with only minimal tears. Remy didn't cry much either.

Our baby boy is now 8 lbs, 8 oz and growing fast. 

Oh..and did I mention he was perfect?

P.S. If you can't get enough (and let's be honest, who can?) you can click here for more images.