Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last weekend was a weekend of celebration. 

My cousin and her fiancĂ© traveled all the way from Seattle to make plans for their September wedding in Nashville. 

Her Mom and Dad also drove up from Florida to partake in the fun. This was the first time we've all been together since everyone announced their news (our arrival of Baby H and my cousin getting engaged on Christmas Day). 

With Seattle located on the other side of the world (or so it seems) it would be hard for both my cousin and myself to travel to each others' showers. Never one to pass up an opportunity to party, we decided to have a little shower of our own. Thanks to my Aunt, and Mom and Nana (who were unable to attend...but made up for their absence in gifts) for pulling everything together. 

Since my cousin and her fiancĂ© would be flying back to Seattle, we had to limit our gifts to TSA approved items only (unfortunately, Caleb's suggestion of a rifle would have to wait). After borrowing an extra suitcase, they managed to get their goodies safely home.

Baby H's gifts were not as limited since we would not be transporting them (no rifle for us either though, sorry Caleb). After opening the first few gifts, I started to notice a theme. Maybe we should have called this the "Stuff the Baby Closet" shower.

A cute little Adidas hat. Just like Daddy wears.

I never thought hangers could be so cute!

Love the bottom!

Could this be a new gun?

Very Nashville appropriate! Love it. Thanks Mom!

You mean I have to hang this stuff up??!

Could this be a gun?

Baby H will be ready for Santa's visit this year.

Of course Bella was on hand to lend some assistance and, as always, look cute.

Caleb and I had a great time showing off our favorite things in Nashville. We can't wait until the September wedding (and we'll have a new favorite thing to show off)!

P.S. I apologize for the sub par pictures. My photographer was a little busy celebrating!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Double Dinner

I've been thinking a lot about the saying "Eating for two".

It's like the pregnancy rite of passage. One of the things I have been most looking forward to. Think of all the things I can eat guilt free (or not eat... Mexican queso..seriously?!)

I was even ready to accept my invitation to the the clean your and your husband's plate club. (I had my acceptance speech ready.."I would like to thank Sonic for making the wonder that is the Sonic Blast. Without you, I may have gone another week before having to switch to maternity pants. Sure they may not be as attractive as my other pants, but who knew they'd be so comfortable. THANK YOU!")

Turns out I'm eating more, just not all in one sitting. I may have my moments when a 3rd (or 4th or 5th) slice of pizza finds it way onto my plate but who doesn't, right? Right?

For the most part, I'm eating the same sized meals more often throughout the day. Occasionally I've even had more than one dinner. Maybe that's why I'm starting to look like this:

*Bella has been included for scale purposes only.

Baby is growing like crazy and kicking up a storm. Caleb and I are having fun imagining what he's thinking and doing with every jab. I'm pretty sure he's just asking for another Sonic Blast.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Update: New Feature

I have big dreams that one day this blog will make it big*. In preparation for my future celebrity-ness, I decided to find myself my very own blog editor. I searched far and wide for the perfect individual, and only had one person interested finally found the perfect individual. He posses all of the qualities necessary to be my blog editor- 1. he has a Google account and 2. he knows how to read.

My new editor (he goes by Dad on his days off) wasted no time in offering suggestions. In addition to doing minute by minute updates and featuring a weekly "Why my Dad is cool" article, he also suggested that I add a comments section. Brilliant!! (Don't tell him I said will go straight to his head**.)

I can't believe I overlooked such an important feature. How have you (my wonderful, smart, attractive readers) been able to cope with only being able to read this blog and not make any comments? It's truly amazing you've made it this far. 

So I did a little code editing (read: I Googled until I found exactly what I needed to copy and paste) and now the comments section is up and running. Yipee!

 For those of you who are new to Blogger (and blogs in general) here's a quick 'how to' on leaving super nice/friendly/encouraging comments:

1. First, comments can only be left on individual posts. You cannot comment on the entire blog.
2. Each post on the main page has a gray bar at the bottom. The first item on this gray bar is the link to the comment section. 

3. When you click on this link, you will be taken to the post page where you can leave your 
super nice/friendly/encouraging comment. 

4. Surprise! You're done. Now wasn't that easy? Kinda makes you want to try it out, huh?

Happy commenting!

*ABC/CBS/NBC - Call me...
** Looks like it's too late. He has since renegotiated his contract to specify that his fee be paid in Golden Corral meals. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

And the winner is...

While the fans of the nation prepared for today's competition, I had been preparing for a little competition of my own.

Since I have already decided on furniture for the room (and have acquired funding for said items through the New Grandparent's Banking Union) it was time to pick a color scheme for the nursery. Sounds easy right? Well it was about as easy as winning the lottery or, as I have recently found, registering for Baby H*. 

I was surprised that I was able to narrow down my favorites to two options relatively easily. (You try googling "Nursery Color Scheme"..I dare it.) 

I was drawn to the navy and orange rooms immediately. I liked the bold and classy feel that the two colors could provide while still allowing some room for a modern twist as seen in the inspirational rooms below.

The aqua and orange rooms that I found online definitely stood out as well. I liked that these rooms had a soft and playful feel. 

Don't these rooms make you want to go CRAZY and redecorate something!? I'll wait while you pull yourself together...

So after a lot of debate (between my classy-self and playful-self) I have decided on going with the aqua and orange. I have convinced my classy-self that I can always use the Navy and Orange as Baby H gets older (but not so old that he doesn't need his Momma's help decorating his room).  

I'd like to say that I'm almost done with all of these decisions, but it seems like they've only just begun. I'll be sure to post the specifics once I get everything pulled together. And if you just can't wait (it's OK, I wouldn't be able to wait either), feel free to hop on over to my nursery boards on Pinterest.

*P.S. I have finally finished registering! Check out my registry here:  Baby H Registry at Target. I welcome any suggestions/comments on the items included in the registry.