Monday, May 13, 2013


Things have been a little blurry here lately.

Take my son for example...

He will not cannot stop moving.

And now that he's walking, there's no turning back.

So I've decided to stop deleting all of the blurry photos. And even post a few.

Because even blurry, he is too stinkin' cute.


My brain has been a little blurry too. Things are incomprehensivble unless they are written neatly, preferably in list format. Time, dates - basically anything with letters or num3ers - turns my mind to mush. Which would explain why I am posting Remy's 10 month picture after his 11 month birthday.

And with Remy's 1 year (ahhh!!) a month away, the memories are starting to get a little blurry. I spent a weekend organizing old photos - when I wasn't chasing Remy- and can honestly say that some of the special moments I captured are not as easy to recall as they used to be.
I'm having a hard time remembering the tiny feet....
...the best way to get some sleep...
...or how lucky we felt to capture THE SMILE on camera....


I guess taking "some" photos wasn't so crazy after all.