Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Earning your wings

16,443 miles in 5 months. Sounds like a lot right? It is. It's like traveling from Nashville to Paris (France Bien sûr!) Twice

I know what you're thinking, and no, I did not take up a part time job as a stewardess..uh..I mean flight attendant. 

About a month prior to coming down with a severe case of Baby Fever, I became a real life Project Architect. Turns out I was the only person crazy enough to volunteer selected to inherit a few healthcare projects at my office. This was it! Everything that I had worked for was now becoming a reality. Of the many benefits of being a PA, I now have to work nights/weekends and am suddenly the sole person responsible for the project being excessively over budget (I did secretly convince the Gypsum Board manufacturer's to raise their prices). I have also found that another "perk" to becoming a PA was travel, because everyone dreams of getting re-routed through Denver during a winter weather advisory. Take that Frank Lloyd Wright.

My Travel

Since September, I have taken 10 trips and luckily I did not have to go at it alone. Baby H has been a committed companion. (I think he does it for the peanuts and free drinks. Can you blame him?!) Overall, he's been a good travel buddy. Our only issue has been when, on the rare occasion, I get stuck with a middle seat. Baby H seems to instinctively know and conveniently relocates to provide adequate pressure on the bladder. Thanks little man.  

Our traveling is not even near complete. We are currently in College Station, Texas for a few days and have a trip planned to Oklahoma City next week. We will also be making monthly visits to Oklahoma City until one of two things happen: 1. I can no longer fit in the seat or 2. We get banned for eating all of the peanuts. 

So here's to you baby boy. For being a great travel partner. I'd say you've earned your wings.

Monday, January 30, 2012

★ Decision 2012 ★

*Hi, my name is Meghan, and I approve this message.*

It's time to get serious. Over the upcoming months, a lot of important decisions will need to be made.  There are a lot of choices out there, though it may not seem like it on the surface. Questions will be asked and research done to find the best of the best.

This is your front row seat to the complete coverage of...

★ Decision 2012: Project Nursery ★

After exhaustive time spent online (I'm pretty sure I reached the end of the internet twice during my searching), I've managed to make a few decisions to get the ball rolling.

First up, the crib. I definitely wanted something modern with clean lines and I knew I wanted white. I found a few reasonably priced options at (of all places) Walmart and Target. Of course, since we have recently switched teams (from blue to red) I opted for the Target crib. Here's the Babyletto Modo Crib.

Babyletto Modo Crib

Next is the dresser. I've always (well maybe not always, more like since October) liked the idea of a long dresser with a colorful changing mat on top. Again, I wanted something modern and white and discovered the Hemnes dresser from Ikea. I will be on the lookout for some fun knobs to use in place of the ones that come with the dresser.

Image from here.

Image from here.

Finally (already?! but this is only the third item!) we currently have two of the Ikea Poang Chairs and I'm thinking about using one as the rocker/glider. It is extremely comfortable and has a high back so Caleb can rest his head while he's rocking Baby H back to sleep after a late night feeding. (This is a test to see if Caleb even reads this thing.)

Ikea Poang Chair

Now that I have selected the main items for the room, I am excited to narrow down my ideas for colors and accessories. I am also going to tackle the dreaded baby registry. As any new mom can attest, it is amazingly hard to determine what exactly you'll need for a new baby (bottles and bouncers and strollers...OH MY!)

Stay tuned for up to date coverage of ★ Decision 2012: Project Nursery ★.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bull Rider

Technology is amazing. Yesterday Caleb and I got a peek into Baby H's world, a balmy little paradise he'll call home for the next few months. Our wonderful baby boy put on quite a show as if to say "I'm not just floating around here doing nothing all day. Look at all the things I can do!" We saw him bend and stretch and touch his toes. I am also 98.45% sure that I saw him impersonating a bull rider (arm over his head with his back arched and head kicked back - Yeehaw Cowboy!). We may live in Nashville, but we are Texans at heart.  Welcome to our rodeo.

**Warning** The image you are about to see is graphic in nature. It has been rated PG and may not be suitable for children.

Since the unltrasound, Baby H has been kicking up a storm. I think he enjoyed being on the big screen and might not be ready to give up his 15 minutes of fame quite yet. Who knows, maybe we have ourselves an actor in the making?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's a...

We saw him today! What a cutie! Can't wait to meet him in person!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anti Deja Vu

I like to shop.

And if you know me well, you know that is a huge understatement. It's true. I love shopping. L-O-V-E it. It's my one and only hobby (at least until this whole blog thing goes global). I come from a family of shoppers. It's what we do. I could go every weekend (and I have, much to Caleb's dismay).

So I went today, on the hunt for something new and fun. I was all over town, and willing to give everything a chance. (Mustard yellow silk blouse? Sure...why not?). Halfway through my shopping expedition, in what seemed like the millionth dressing room, I had a moment. We'll call it an Anti Deja Vu moment.

Old Navy  Women's 3.4 Sleeve Button- Tab Top
Cute right? 

There I stood, holding my yellow blouse and it hit me. I remembered all of the times I had found the perfect skirt/shirt/pants. Maybe it was something I knew I couldn't live without. Or maybe it was something that was just such a great deal that I couldn't pass it up. Either way, I knew I needed it. There was, however, only one minor problem. The skirt/shirt/pants were just a smidge too small. "No problem" I'd say to myself. I could easily remedy that with a few salads instead of milkshakes this week. Or maybe a few extra runs. I'd make it work, and man...would I look great!

Raise your hand if you've experienced a moment such as this. Ok...hands down.

None of the items I tried on today fit, but I knew I needed them anyway. If I didn't buy them now, I would wake up one day and never forgive myself (don't you hate when that happens?) Here's the thing, none of the items were too small. There were in fact all too big. I had to consciously imagine how said skirt/shirt/pants would look when I'm 6 months pregnant. What about 8 months (would it even still fit!?) I was overcome with pure joy. To think that I would actually have to GROW into my clothes. This, my friends, was my Anti Deja Vu moment. I could get use to this.

So...after all this talk about fitting into my clothes, you're probably wondering how I'm doing in the whole baby bump department (I know, it's like I have ESP). Lucky for you, I travel with my own personal photographer (who plays my wonderful husband in real life). Here are some photos he's taken over the last few months to help us remember how I've grown.

How about you? Ever find yourself in an Anti Deja Vu moment doing something completely different than what you're used to?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quiz: Boy or Girl?

Next Tuesday Caleb and I will be finding out the gender of Baby H. We are so excited and can hardly wait! In the meantime, I have taken a few (or maybe a lot) of online gender tests, my favorite being the Chinese Gender Chart. All I had to do was enter the due date and my birth date and tada.....

Wasn't that fun?! Check back in for the official results!