Sunday, March 17, 2013

"this many" months

If you have been living under a rock haven't been following the blog closely, you may not be aware that I recently passed a major milestone.

You know what they say... 9 months is the new 6 months.

And you can't tell - since Mom always posts the boring picture - but I've been totally rockin' my monthly portraits.

Take this one for example:

Some people may call this a blurry photo. I call it art.

Or this one:

An action shot for all of the guys out there following me. Totally freaks Mom out. 

My new favorite:

I like it because it's a side of me you rarely see.

And for all the ladies out there:

I call this my "how you doin'" pose. Works. every. time.

How you doin'? 


  1. Remy, I'm "doin" fine...thanks for asking! I chuckled through your latest post, and I love seeing all your poses. Can't wait to see them in person next month.

  2. Dear Remy,
    You certainly know how to make us chuckle..You are as good as Mom or maybe even a tad better at this blog thing. Your "action shot" certainly defines "You"..always in the action mode. Of course, that "other side of You" is just as cute too. Keep up the good work and I will see you next week!!
    Your smiling Grandpa