Sunday, June 9, 2013

The bucket list

You guys.

Something big is about to happen.

Based on Mom's recent Google searches, it appears that somebody is about to have a big birthday.

To find out who, I decided to do some investigative work. So I put on my thinking cap suspenders and got to work.


After some complex calculations that I won't get into (let's just say it involved the ratio of toys I have to the number of teeth marks in said toys) I've been able to determine that the somebody is...


Which means I don't have a lot of time. You see, there are things that every baby dreams of doing before they turn the big ZERO ONE.

So I put together my list and am happy to report that I'm farther along than I thought.

1. Work on my communication (check)

2. Hang out with a good friend (check)
3. Be adventurous (check)
4. Get my toes wet (check)
5. Find the perfect chair (still deciding)


6. Be silly (check)
7. Enjoy a good game... (check)


8. ...and a good show (check)


Wow! Now that I see how much I've done, I guess I am ready to grow up.
There's just one thing left on my list....
9. Eat cake  


  1. Dear Remy,
    First things first..Great investigative work on your part!! I see a police career looming in your future!! When you get a chance, ask Mom about her "Safety Patrol" days..hehe. We all know you can certainly "communicate" (even at 3 a.m.) and you being adventurous is an understatement. As far as being "silly" I have to say that after looking at the pictures, your Mom and Dad beat you out on that one with their "baseball hat" pictures..:-). You are shortening your bucketlist with each new day..and tomorrow you will be able to cross off the "eat cake" item. Have a very Happy Birthday..(have a slice of cake for me) and I will see you soon.

  2. Remy,I think this is your best blog yet. What a riot!! Loved it. What a year this has been. You've certainly enriched all of our lives, and I can see from your blog you had a good time doing it too. Looking forward to your 1st birthday tomorrow. Another milestone! LET THERE BE CAKE!
    Love you lots, Grandma