Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lucky Number Seven

In terms of baby milestones, I'd say we've hit the jackpot.

At this point, I'm afraid to even blink for fear I'll miss something. Like his first word, or his college graduation.

As quick as Remy's progress was over Christmas - he went from rocking on his knees to crawling in 0.52 seconds - I really shouldn't be so surprised. But I'm a Mom who is in denial that my baby boy is growing up at lightning speed.

It all started with an innocent little kneel, as Remy is so eloquently demonstrating in the photo below.

If I'd only known what was in store, I would have scooped him up so fast and made it my life goal to make sure his precious little toes didn't touch the floor again until he was at least 16 years old. 

But Remy was one step ahead of me and, after deciding not to hold anything back I assume, pulled himself up and shimmied his way over to the corner of the crib. True story.

Please excuse me while I have a momentary Mommy freakout. #*@#&!!!

Now it's all he does. He's like "Oh hey, maybe I'll just stand up while playing. No big deal."

And if that weren't enough to send any Mom into a state of panic (I might have mumbled babyproofing in my sleep), we've also found his second tooth.

No photos of the teeth yet. But let's be honest, wouldn't you rather look at this cute face instead?
So we are doing our best to make sure he doesn't gnaw off a finger (his or ours, he doesn't seem to have a preference). 

And we are enjoying every second. 



  1. Dear Meg,
    It is amazing what has happened in this past seven months.. Remy has gone from a precious little baby to an adorable little boy..(He is ALL boy..that is for sure). Be prepared for many many more "milestones" in the coming weeks and months. Soon enoug, he will be running around the house chasing Bella..just you wait !!! Great video capture..stay alert for the next big moment.

  2. What a little cutie he is! This seventh month has been chock full of milestones. Can't wait to see him next week and see what he'll be doing then....Love, Mom